From Scotland with Love

For Mr Donald Trump.




Being someone that enjoys being in the open water, often wearing a 5mm wetsuit and with my right leg attached to an 8ft board, I find this topic especially disturbing and therefore close to my own heart.  I have deliberately not posted any of the more brutal photographs of the obscene and horrific images (for those who have a weak stomach) but the links on this blog post will take you there if you feel the need to be reminded of how cruel we can be.

Imagine the scene: There are hundreds if not thousands of Islanders, male, female & children gathered on a beach in the Faroe Islands.   Motor boats begin to purr and race towards the beach from the open sea bringing hundreds of pilot whales onto the shore.   Before the whales approach the shore, all the males on the beach race out into the shallow beach and attack the whales with a large hook attached to a rope to finally slice through their dorsal area to finish the kill.  Pregnant whales are slit open and their young removed to rot on the beach.

At first glance, the Grindadrap (Grind) looks like a sporting event, but it falls deep in Norse culture and history and included in the arguments to keep the hunt going:

  • Communal food is required for the villages
  • Keeping the pilot whaling population down (Culling)
  • Protecting heritage / culture

Please do your best to spread the information about this annual event, google it, read about it, blog about it and talk about it.   It was last year I first came across it and have signed petitions and tried to mention it when I get the chance.  Lets hope these horrible scenes can be stopped.

Some other reading / petitions / graphic images: