2018 / Ones to Watch

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Kojey Radical – Oscar Jerome – Puma Blue – Poppy Ajudha – Erland Cooper – Lewis Capaldi – Sigrid – JON VINYL – Jones – Skinny Pelembe – IAMDBB


What have you been listening to?

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Since buying a DAB radio to replace using my iPhone as an alarm clock next to our bed, and placing a Cambridge Audio Air 100 in our dining room, where we spend a lot of time, I’ve been listening to more and more quality radio programmes and even listening to more music at home.

I’ve always been someone who is constantly on the look out for new music, I get excited about interesting finds in music, almost to the point of obsession, but a healthy one.   I often get snowed under, particularly on a Friday, when most albums seem to come out, and with the constant, and instant access through streaming services, its become so easy to hear new music, although sometimes more difficult to listen.   At any given point, I have around 30 – 40 albums that I want to devote a couple of hours to sift through and decide one way or another, which pile folder it goes in. 

So, I’ve decided i’m going to make a monthly playlist of things that i’ve enjoyed listening to and I’d like to pass on.   How many of your friends ask you, “What have you been listening to?”  I get asked it all the time, and often I’m stuck for an answer because i listen to so much.   This month I’ve put the playlist out through a fantastic service called Soundsgood and if you’re interested, have a listen, you may hear someone you’ve never heard, or you may hear something you’d forgotten about.

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10 things every thirty something should have. .(in my humble opinion)

  1. A barber that you can trust, someone who knows you, your style, and what you need.   Visit him every six weeks if you can.
  2. A tailor that can do exactly what you need, someone who can work with your most valued items of clothing, you’re trusting him / her to cut them after all.
  3. A cobbler or someone to repair your footwear.   Your feet are important, especially if you’re out and about walking.   It took until I was 35 to realise that leather soles in Scotland are useless.   Rubber soles are what you need.
  4. Tradesmen.   Thats right, a reliable joiner, plumber, painter, plasterer and tiler.   You never know when you’ll need them, you can’t do it all.
  5. A library card, use it!
  6. Subscription services to music streaming services and / or movies and / or TV shows.
  7. A signature aftershave / cologne.   Something that you can wear anytime, day or night – or have both – one for daytime and one for those special evenings.
  8. Crisp White Shirts and t-shirts, you can never have enough.
  9. An interest in something of good quality:  whisky, coffee, cigars, watches, cars, wine, something that is created with care and love and skill.
  10. A suit that fits.   See point 2.