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Some of the recent projects I have had the pleasure to be involved in:

Vito Dance Theatre – A contemporary dance company that I worked closely with as a composer.  My collaboration with VDT has led to composing for film, for performance and in a live improvised setting.

Fire.Cloud – A company building vibrant communities through Faith, Arts & Research. I worked closely as a musician and performer.

Red Ensemble – An experimental music group where I performed using laptop and electronics.   Most of the work was a combination of processed, found sounds and live electronics, we worked with live visuals, improvised dance, live poetry and in kinetic galleries.

Arctic Whisperings – An alias I use to compose mainly instrumental & post-rock music.   I mainly use collections of found sounds and field recordings in a combination of live instruments.

Blipfoto – I love photography, always have since a young age.  It has become more of a hobby of mine since my friend bulldozia suggested this wonderful site.

The Pictures Don’t Move – A collection of film makers / field recordists involved in creating short films using natural ambient sounds and simple rules for the video to enable the viewer / listener to be drawn into the soundtrack.  I have submitted some short clips, my own profile is here.