10 things every thirty something should have. .(in my humble opinion)

  1. A barber that you can trust, someone who knows you, your style, and what you need.   Visit him every six weeks if you can.
  2. A tailor that can do exactly what you need, someone who can work with your most valued items of clothing, you’re trusting him / her to cut them after all.
  3. A cobbler or someone to repair your footwear.   Your feet are important, especially if you’re out and about walking.   It took until I was 35 to realise that leather soles in Scotland are useless.   Rubber soles are what you need.
  4. Tradesmen.   Thats right, a reliable joiner, plumber, painter, plasterer and tiler.   You never know when you’ll need them, you can’t do it all.
  5. A library card, use it!
  6. Subscription services to music streaming services and / or movies and / or TV shows.
  7. A signature aftershave / cologne.   Something that you can wear anytime, day or night – or have both – one for daytime and one for those special evenings.
  8. Crisp White Shirts and t-shirts, you can never have enough.
  9. An interest in something of good quality:  whisky, coffee, cigars, watches, cars, wine, something that is created with care and love and skill.
  10. A suit that fits.   See point 2.