Discover and Stream

How we discover new music is changing.   Finding new artists is becoming easier and a quicker process, we share our taste in music freely on social networking sites, and now even the services that we use to listen to music can give us recommendations on what we will like next.

I’m a fan of Spotify, I have been since I was a free user when it first arrived on the scene.   I am now a fully paid subscriber and more than happy to pay £14.99 per month for my family account.    They have just launched their new ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist feature that provides you with a playlist of recommended music that you ‘may’ like every Monday.   So far, I’ve been impressed.

As well as Spotify as a means to discover new music, I listen to Gilles Peterson’s BBC6Music show, normally on catchup on the iPlayer app (which you can now save offline finally).   This is an excellent collection on new music that join the dots between hiphop, soul, funk, disco, world, house and electronic music.   I highly recommend it.

Lastly, I still use the mailing lists from Boomkat, Bleep, and Spotimy (a site that gives a list of all the new releases on Spotify that week).

That said, I’m currently reading, “How Music Got Free” by Stephen Witt.   Highly Recommended also.