The Curse of Free Wifi

We’ve yet to have a summer in Scotland, and so we have just returned from an excellent 11 day trip to our second home in Kefalos, Kos.    A relaxing mix of sun, sand, and great food for us, and we’ve came home suitably relaxed.   One of the things that we’ve noticed after visiting Kefalos over the last few years is the dreaded ‘FREE Wi-Fi’ signs that are around all the restaurants and bars.   I fully understand and appreciate how useful so-called ‘smart’ phones and tablets are, but at dinner?  or when you are supposed to be spending time with family or friends?    We need to put them down, its time to be present.   We are too busy to share things with the people around us because we are all too involved in sharing what we are doing with people who are not even in the same room.