On Your Bike

Normally in the summer months I get the opportunity to cycle to my office, a gentle 7 mile commute to and another gentle 7 mile ride home.  For me its a win-win: I save money, I get a little bit fitter, and I enjoy the exercise and friendliness of the cyclists on the quiet path in.    However over the last few weeks and since having my daughter in January I’ve become increasingly more aware of the simple pleasures that exist around us in everyday life.   By this I mean, we (or I certainly) can often take some of these little things for granted sometimes and forget about those less fortunate.

Because of this, I have decided to use the enjoyable cycling I have been able to do to raise some money and also raise awareness of two very important charitable organisations.

On August 12th 2012, I plan to cycle 100 miles and take part in the Action Medical Research Glasgow 100.   AMR do a very good job in vital research for babies and pregnant mothers through the last 60 years.  Some of the most well known research you can read about here.  A very difficult ride by the looks of the trail, a winding century of miles that reaches some high elevation and takes around eight to nine hours to complete. If you are interested in sponsoring this event you can do so here.

Also, on September 9th 2012 , I plan to tackle the 47 miles trip to Edinburgh from Glasgow as part of the Freshnlo Pedal for Scotland event.   This ride will raise money for the Maggie’s Centres that provide care and support for those touched in some way by cancer.  Again, if you would like to sponsor this event / charity – you can do so here.