The Dock of the Bay

We took a few days break south of the border at the weekend with family.   We travelled down the M6 to Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth & Heysham mainly to visit my wife’s side of the family and to take our daughter to meet them all.   We had lots of time together and managed to get out into the sea air around Morecambe Bay area which was refreshing, and equally bracing at the same time.   It was really nice to see Joan (Great Grandmother to both Amélie and Lois) meet her Great Grandchildren for the first time, you could almost see the happiness in her face (and their faces) as she proudly held them both.

Like most sea-side towns, Morecambe has all the things you’d expect: ice cream parlours, seagulls, coffee shops, hotels and amusement arcades.  There is something else that fascinates me about this bay though, they have a huge theme of ‘birds’ everywhere you look.   They are on the fences, on the buildings, around the park areas and even used as house names and street names.

We also visited Lancaster by walking along the ‘organised’ cycleway.   This cycleway twisted us around the River Lune before spitting us out at the mouth of the Millennium Bridge with enough time to discover J. Atkinson & Co. where we spent a small fortune of coffee from various parts of the world.   It was an outstanding shop that i will most certainly visit again sometime.  We also managed to get up to the 8th century ruins of Saint Patricks Chapel.

I enjoyed the trip and really enjoyed taking photographs around the place and showing my nephew the workings of the camera and allowing him the opportunity, space and time to learn how to take good photographs.   It was a fun trip!