Checking In

I have been neglecting my blog, its been a busy time for me these last three months.   Between having my daughter Amélie, returning to work after one month of paternity leave to take care of both my wife and daughter, involvement in new music projects, making sense out of a new DSLR camera and simply just catching up with people, its been pretty full on. . .

So, catch up.   I would highly recommend any man who has the opportunity to take as long off work as possible after the birth of his child, to do so.  It was wonderful being around the house for every minute and not missing out on this special time.  It gave us time to bond, to have fun, and more importantly it gave my wife a well deserved rest at times.   The long and tiring labour my wife went through to finally bring  our beautiful little daughter Amélie Sofia into this world was very tough, so much so I’m refusing to go into it in this post because it simply deserves its very own place.  In its own time.

In March I was also involved in two very exciting music projects: Firstly 1000 hearts, it was a Fire.Cloud event and was centred around bringing 1000 people from all around the world together in some way to enjoy song, prayer, worship & community.  The target of 1000 people was a brave one, and in the end we managed to have 1175 people who committed to giving their heart to this project.   An exciting evening was had and it was a great atmosphere.

The other exciting project was the Scottish Music Centre‘s Composition Marathon, where I was asked to be a performer (on laptop) alongside a cellist Peter Gregson.   This event was part of the Minimal Extreme event hosted in Glasgow’s City Halls.   We were paired up with two composers (Kim Moore of Zoey Van Goey) and Graeme Ronald (of Remember Remember) and they wrote a piece each for us to perform, it was very challenging for a number of reasons: Its difficult to let someone else compose and you have no real creative input, it was very tricky to follow a graphic score, and we lost half of the arrangement for one of the pieces on the day of the performance in the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow.   It was a great concert in the end with eight different ensembles playing different works.

Loving my new camera, its been so much fun taking pictures with a real DSLR, even just to hear the real shutter sound.   I have been addicted to Blipfoto since a friend of mine recommended it to me.   It gives me the chance to do something creative and challenging every single day and it puts pressure on me to learn new things to do with photography and more importantly, Its great fun!

Also, I’ve been listening to loads of Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Michael Kiwanuka, and the new Bruce Springsteen album “Wrecking Ball”. . . and watching 24, Breaking Bad.