Free Coffee Anyone?

I’ve just recently been introduced to this great new artisan coffee blending company called eightpointnine.   They specialise in blending coffee to your own individual taste and needs, which is very unusual in my experience, normally we are all after a single estate bean would never dream of blending them up, not unlike single malt whisky and blended drams.  However I’m on the fence with that one.

I guarantee you will love the experience of the coffee arriving through your letter box, it lands with a plop and sends your senses into overdrive as the freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee fills the air and lasts until the bag is empty.

So, give them a go.  You can actually have the first box on me, what I mean is – its free, yes completely free if you use this voucher code on the website, and if you don’t like what they send you (even though you pick it) you can just cancel the next order.  Here is the code – RKC6Y5B and the coffee is 100% columbian “Urban Gospel”.

Oh, and I’d like to thank my main man PG for the hookup on this deal!