Humphrey who?

I decided to go for a walk today into the hills that look over Old Kilpatrick on the road up to Loch Humphrey.   I remember countless trips up these hills as I was much younger with my grandfather, my father, my older brother and my uncle.   They we often fishing trips that would often leave us returning with nothing or in fact us returning and my uncle remaining up there waiting to catch something.   Today I travelled up alone, really to try out my new camera and work on my hobby of taking photographs but also to get some time to myself away from distractions and the normality of life.   Its good to do this sometimes, especially when you’ve had the pleasure of changing nappies all morning.

So, I dropped Joni & Amélie off to meet some friends for coffee and cakes and I left to head up into the snowy hills.   There were a few folk around and we all made our way up the diverted path to reach the the viewpoint, it was well worth it.   I noticed a waterfall at the other side of the path, and I took some photographs that I promised myself I’d never take (you know the ones, where the water looks like its not flowing – its do to with shutter speed or something, but anyway I was took them and I’m pretty pleased with the way they turned out in the end).

Took some photographs of the view, headed down and made my way to pick up the girls.  On arriving at the car park of the hotel I noticed that the cars for the Monte Carlo Rally leaving from Clydebank college were all around so I managed to take some photos of them and chat to some of the mechanics and drivers of the oldest car in the rally, it was great fun!

Then headed home, had a nap, went to Mass with Amélie in her new trendy sling, had a Thai green curry, finished the track I was writing for Vito Dance Theatre‘s performance in GoDANCE’12 in the Theatre Royal.   Now. Its time to upload my chosen photograph for my Blipfoto page and a cold Guinness & a wee dram!