Bubblebeach's Blipfoto Journal

Its January 2012. I’ve decided that one of my ‘new year resolutions’ is to setup a blipfoto account and try to take photography just a little bit more seriously (well almost. . ) I’ve ordered a new DSLR Canon 550D camera and have every intention of putting it to good use. I’ve got great ideas that not only will I use blipfoto but will also have a small part of this blog now dedicated to photography and hopefully later some video.

The idea behind blipfoto is simple, you take a photograph everyday and upload it to your blipfoto account. This serves as a photographic record of your year and can be fun way to have a small glance into so many other people’s interesting / suitable boring lives. It was one of my friends and work colleagues, fellow blipper bulldozia that suggested using blipfoto. I also really liked the idea of using a focus (no pun intended) to make your ‘blips’ more interesting. For example, bulldozia tries to include the sky in his blips to give an idea of the weather / climate / mood. For me I think I may change the focus on a monthly rotation, so January could be ‘the colour RED‘, February could be ‘people’, March could be ‘transport’ and so on and so on. . .


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