Walking & Talking

Today, I decided to take a familiar walk in the snowy hills with my Dad.   When we were younger my brother and I would go on this trip into the (un)known countryside to get out of the city and breathe some fresh air, see some spectacular views, and on one memorable occasion, see how far apart our “batman walkie-talkies” would be able to function.   This walk lies behind Faifley in Clydebank, known locally as simply “The Cochno”.   The path leads up to two lochs / reservoirs that sit side by side separated by some paths and small fishing huts, Loch Jaw & Cochno Loch.

My Dad and I had some chat about the time he took me up here in a pram, we passed a place where my brother brought down some deadly ice spikes that almost killed us and also where we would come and fish with my uncle Gerard and my Grandfather.   The snow added something to walk, it makes the whole world look a little bit more interesting I think.   It also will feature in some of the field recordings I managed to take whist up there.  I recorded some melting ice, some dripping water, a waterfall and some footsteps through ice and snow.   It was great to get home to enjoy some of my wife’s  parsnip & apple soup!