The Television will be Revolutionised

Televison.  We have changed the way we watch it over the years haven’t we?   It used to be where we sat to watch things that were on at a certain time, on a certain day and for a certain length of time.   This was all put in place for us, we had no need to think about it.   All that was required was that we remembered what happened the previous week or had a decent enough recap that put us back in the ideal place to carry on enjoying the programme.

We now have catchup TV, OnDemand, BBC iPlayer and even youtube & vimeo to watch things on.  The options seem endless at times.

I have just had TiVo installed at home and have been involved in various conversations about whats on when and what to record and to watch on demand, even the idea of an iphone app that I can set my home box to record at any time blows my mind – just in case i’m out and could  miss that natural history show or sporting event.

In my opinion it became clear that television was changing when we began to see the increase in ‘series television’ especially things like Lost, 24, Prison Break, House etc. . . . These shows were simply so addictive and compelling you were unable to wait  for a week to see the next episode so you waited and had the box set where you could watch as many as you could keep your eyes open for.    Its like TV marathons, or endurance viewing.  Trying to desperately ‘get through’ the chosen series.   In addition, the way we refer to the season you are on isn’t that far removed from the way we speak about drugs: “what one are you on?” or  “Have you got into 24 yet?”.

Lastly, I’d like to say I’ve really enjoyed:

  1. The Wire
  2. Treme
  3. Prison Break (Season 1 & 2)
  4. 24
  5. Supernatural (Season 1 & 2)