The Singing Revolution – Talent in Tallinn

Arriving in Tallinn, Estonia I had no idea what to expect, I had heard from friends that the old town was a beautiful medieval town similar to something you would come across in a fairytale.    The town was quite small in size with many tiny boutique shops and restaurants serving Russian and Estonian cuisine, coffee houses & bars.   You cannot help thinking as you walk around the town that it wasn’t long ago that there were horses pulling carts around on the very same cobble streets past the beautiful orange tiled turrets that line the walls.

We visited the city as part of the 4th World Forum on Music where a small group of our Scottish contingent travelled out.   There were many delegates from the European Music Council (EMC) & International Music Council (IMC) all there for their own reasons.   As part of my job, I had the nerve-shattering pleasure of presenting the work I do in music technology workshops for young people to a group of like-minded individuals from around Europe, my line manager & even her line manager.    It was great to see the friendly faces of the Working Group Youth (WGY) many of whom since meeting in Torino, Italy last year I now consider good friends and a very interesting group of people.

I enjoyed the various panel discussions and presentations throughout the forum loved the clips of the ‘singing revolution‘ and enjoyed meeting new people and talking about exciting new ideas in the ever expanding field of music & education.   Until the next time, enjoy the photographs. . .