Nothing makes you feel happier than the sound of a carnival parade and the beating of drums and the bouncing brass that often accompanies it. This was the reason for my Sunday afternoon trip into the west end of Glasgow to see the festival parade, which once took place along Byres Road (and I hope it one day will again).

For the last couple of years, the ‘authorities’ have decided to tuck the parade into Kelvingrove Park, a bad idea in my opinion as it feels less like the way it used to and more like its better now that “its out the way of traffic”. It could be said that the reason it was so good in previous years was due to the fact that it stopped traffic and felt completely different from normal Sunday’s in this busy street. All the businesses would be outside selling their wears, restaurants having al fresco tables, and even carousel rides and street entertainers. Now it feels like just a ‘party in the park’.

My main reason for posting this blog is that the day was in some ways a complete contrast. By this I mean. . .

Sitting in the pub garden at the foot of Byres Road waiting for a good friend of mine to arrive, I had a pint of St. Mungo’s ale – which if you haven’t tried – you really should. While I was waiting I heard the beating of drums and the unmistakable sound of flutes playing those bitter melodies that are steeped in hatred and ignorance. Yes it was an Orange March, Glasgow’s finest, Scotland’s Shame!

Have a listen to it here. .

I couldn’t help noticing that not one of the players were at all happy or smiling as they beat the drums even louder and louder as they passed the Catholic Church of Saint Simon’s in Partick. Anyway this was more obvious to me as I watched the main parade I had come to see, where all the players were so excited and happy to be there, you could hear the difference in the sound and feel it in the air, it was positive!

Have a listen here. .