NRG drinks: a poem

What are we becoming?
I ask myself this
gazing from an empty carriage
at the overweight children
eating crisps and drinking “so-called” energy drinks.

Monster, Red bull & Relentless
Hello, OK & Heat
Paris, Jordan & Brooklyn
the words have lost all meaning.

When did the wise men decide to call it Xmas
forgetful of the child in the manger?
When did Valentine and Patrick lose their christian names
forgetful of that ever important 2 letter abbreviation?
Have I said to much, or maybe not enough?

So the carriage is full now
and the air is still empty
all except the radiation handhelds.
We have lost conversation
We speak in codes
We need to turn it all off and look at each other
for what we really are.

Have I said to much, or maybe not enough?