Who could live in a house like this?


What does your house sound like?

Its funny how responding positively to a twitter post of 140 characters can become a catalyst for such an exciting and unique opportunity.

I read about a series of field recordings going on around Glasgow for the experimental music festival that takes place once a year titled INSTAL, this was a preview festival which was creatively titled UNINSTAL.   I was interested when they announced that they were looking for houses to record and to use in a live performance, I answered their request instantly offering my home as a place they were invited to visit and record (without telling my wife obviously).  I received an email explaining that they had decided to come and visit me in November for the festival (this was in March) because I was a musician they had another idea they wanted to use for the full festival.   They kept to their promise and last week I spent a Saturday afternoon with two very interesting French sound artists, Jean Luc Guionnet and Eric la Casa.

They arrived around 3pm with boxes and bags of equipment and under careful instruction and very precise timings I was invited to play various instruments around the rooms of my house and they moved around the house with various microphone setups both inside the house and outside in the garden.  I was then asked to speak into various microphones and dictaphones about what I had played and why I had chosen to play the instrument in the chosen room of my house.

The experience was completely incredible, it was exciting, terrifying, fun and quite awkward at some quiet moments where we never really had much to discuss except the fact that we never knew anything about each other but we were all interested in sound in some way.

Basically what we were left at the end of the afternoon as we approached 7pm was a sonic portrait of my house which contains an beautifully orchestrated accidental mixture of: music, doors opening and closing, taps running, boilers, footsteps, airplanes, cars and buses etc. .

Please take some time out and enjoy the sound of my house, and take a look at the pictures to experience it to the full.   This is likely to return to Glasgow as a performance in the very near future, I’ll keep you posted!


6 Replies to “Who could live in a house like this?”

  1. that must have been a pretty surreal experience! I’m interested to discover what they’re going to do with it. Loved the sound of the birds! An was that Joni bringing in the shopping? Nice tunes fattie…can’t wait to hear them properly. x

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