So I Married a . . . .

Its been 4 years now since Joni & I were married.  I thought it would be an ideal time to update the blogpost that I previously had written about married life.

As a teenager I knew I wanted to get married at some point in my life and looked forward to having a family and spending time with my wife and children.  Its only when you decide on settling down to this lifestyle do you realise the pace at which life moves.   Its terrifying and exciting all at the same time.  Now that we have little Amélie Sofia on the scene its even faster, I can’t believe its been six months since she was born.

Joni and I waited until we were married before we lived together for purely religious reasons (both of us being Roman Catholic) and wanted to celebrate our wedding and beginning of our ‘new’ life together in the way it was once seen as the norm among young couples.    We began our journey working on the house we now live in and spent a year preparing the house to make it livable  – it was a challenging time and a time I learned and developed new skills and countless limitations to my skills and by skills I mean both skills as a handyman and worker in a physical sense and also as a husband and a person in an emotional sense.   Nothing can really prepare you for the day you have a daughter and you hold her in your arms for the first time, the sounds, the smells and the emotion that you experience all at the one time – it surely must live with you forever, I know I will struggle to forget this moment.

We are blessed in the lives we have and the friends & families we have that surround us; we have a laid back relaxed lifestyle that allows us both to be great friends and not take everything seriously.   We spend a lot of time outdoors in the garden with Amélie and enjoying the world around us and try to enjoy things together rather than apart; surfing, gardening, going to gigs, travel, visiting friends.

Lastly I think being in a marriage gives you a stability that cannot be described in words, just knowing that you will have support and understanding from someone whenever and wherever you need it is a truly unique gift.   It took me a long time to ask Joni to marry me because I had worries about money and security for us both and always seen myself as someone who would be a ‘provider’.  This is not the case for a number of reasons; We never have money worries because we never have money & also there is only one ‘Provider’ and its not me, He is much bigger than any of us.

So, Yes! I love being married, I love Joni, I love spending time in our house with our beautiful daughter Amélie, we work hard and as much as  struggle everyday leaving the family home to go to work, I love going home to the same beautiful understanding woman every night and waking up next to her every morning. . I wouldn’t have it any other way!