Glengoyne Mountaineering

Having climbed the volcanic plug or hill called Dumgoyne behind the Glengoyne distillery once before with my Dad, I decided to tackle it last week with my beautiful wife Joni.   We set off around lunchtime after various attempts to find it along the Loch Lomond road, the weather was fair and no signs of obvious heavy rain.   Although in the west of Scotland, you never really know do you?

The climb took around 40 minutes which isn’t exactly high altitude mountaineering but its a steep and tough climb at parts which forced both of us on to our hands and knees for balance and grip.   Speaking to a couple of groups on the way up was refreshing; a father with his wee boy of around 6 years old wearing flip flops!  An older couple wrapped up in Gore-Tex and a group that had a fall when their dog decided to take off down the hill at high-speed during the loud crashing thunder storm we had.

Once at the top we spent a moment to admire the now misty surrounding view which wasn’t as good as expected due to the sudden mist and light rain.   We took some photographs and headed back down on our way down the slippery slopes.

Arriving at the bottom 20 minutes later after passing Claire Grogan (i think?) we decided to have a wander round the Glengoyne distillery (the 17 year old being one of my favourite single malt whiskies).   We never had time to have the full tour and tasting but we did have a good look round the shop and the waterfall at the back of the gardens.   I will definitely be back to visit and have the full tour!

Some feel the climbing of hills and especially in so called “bad” weather is a waste of time and pointless.    I love it, I had great fun and you simply can’t beat the sense of accomplishment as you  look at the panoramic view around you in this beautiful country as you ascend to a height even closer to your  maker!

In addition, There’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong choice of clothing! Enjoy the photographs below while you’re here. .