Things to do before you die

“If I had to to be completely honest – this would definitely be on my list of things to do before you die. .”

Go for a surfing / camping trip!

We had so much fun recently on a weekend camping trip to the East Coast of Scotland (Coldingham Bay), where we camped on the beach.   Arriving around 7pm we pitched the tent and got the barbeque lit as I got my wetsuit on and headed in for a surf around sunset.   A perfect solo 45 minute surf in a beautiful swell, it was a glorious empty beach.    After I got out the water, we popped the Salmon on the bbq and opened a delicious bottle of rioja which we had with cous cous and pasta.   After dinner we lit a fire and sat around until it died out.

We awoke after a restless night (crashing waves have a weird effect on sleep patterns) to have a light breakfast and head back into the surf, fresh waves battered the beach as the tide began to creep back out.   We spent a couple of hours in the 5ft swells and then decided to some lunch and hot chocolate in the beach cafe and head home.