Finding Space

What is Art?

As the latest festival takes place in and around the city of Glasgow, I make a point of deciding to do my bit and try to get outdoors & indoors to see as much as possible during the two weeks of the festival.

My personal feeling on visual / modern art is that there is a very thin line between what can only be described as self-serving, pretentious nonsense & quality artistic vision and artwork.  Additionally I also feel you have to know all the facts and make an effort to see as much of this type of art before you begin to make blanket judgements on an entire style of someone’s personal creation.

We sat with the festival brochure and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine as we chose the pieces and galleries we would visit, it was also interesting to see that some of them were actually outside sound installations (see previous post).

During the festival we visited the following:

  • Overlap by Claire Barclay
  • Aporia by Christina McBride
  • Every Woman is a Signal Tower – Ciara Philips
  • Fizz up and Dissolve by Glasgow Project Room
  • Lost and Found
  • New European Art – Project Ability
  • Keren Cytter – Four Seasons
  • Photography is Easy and the Voice is a Language (Tramway)
  • 24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth and To and Fro – Douglas Gordon
  • New Comission – Christoph Büchel
  • Metal Urbain – Jim Lambie
  • Myrto Stampoulou – Where is my Shadow

I loved the fact that some of the exhibitions / installations were not as easy to find as others and we actually stumbled upon them while looking for something else.   It was as though there were little pockets of artworks placed in every nook and cranny around the city almost to surprise you as you found them.

Personally I loved the piece in the Tramway (Büchel ) it was everything I think art should be: It stirred emotion in the person and was extremely interesting for the viewer.