The Drying Green

Today I took a wander to a sound installation in an area of Glasgow Green called the Drying Green.   A work colleague is who is involved in the project informed me about it and mentioned that a group of friends had fabricated some four large iron posts and fixed four home made speakers to the posts and screwed them into the clothes poles at the drying green.

This area has a famous past for families taking their washing, they would hang the clothes in the open air to dry because of the style of houses, there were no gardens.   It became a place where people would meet and discuss things in their daily lives.

The installation has the sounds of washing machines pounding through the four speaker system and almost holds you in time as you reflect on the years that came before where people would come here to wait for nature to dry their clothes.   As I stood around listening to the sounds there was an older man walking his dog, as we began to talk about the installation he was becoming more and more puzzled about the point of it all and decided to leave me to it.

Overall a positive experience and it brought about a conversation between two complete strangers about a strange sound installation in an equally strange place.