Eruption & Disruption

As the airports all around us grind to a halt, it made me think about the sheer force of nature once again overpowering the very small influence we have over it in this great blue planet.    We have the latest and greatest technologies and have spent insane amounts of money and time on developing and re-developing the ability to take flight in large aircrafts.   This all seems to irrelevant now when nature decides to have a little eruption to celebrate the fantastic music coming out of the great nation that is Iceland – perhaps it was an elaborate pyrotechnic Jonsi Birgisson was using to mark the beginnings of his equally groundbreaking tour.

At this time I obviously have some sympathy for the people who are stranded and have no way of reaching their destination because of this natural ‘phenomenon’ but at the end of the day, its also a good thing to slow down and actually respect nature and let it have its way and we can then work around it for a change instead of it working around us.

I also seen on the news that the last time this volcano in Iceland erupted it lasted for 2 years, Eyjafjallajökull is the region and the name of the Volcanic area where it happened back in 1821.   Lets hope it doesn’t last for 2 years this time.