Happy Birthday

Today is the ‘birthday’ of this bubblebeach blog.

I thought as a way of marking it I’d explain where the name ‘bubblebeach’ came from for those who subscribe to the blog or even just pass through to read about the goings on. .

bubblebeach is a place on the beautiful island of Kos in a small greek village called Kefalos, the beach itself is actually volcanic and because of this it creates a spa effect where bubbles come from below the surface through the ocean.    This island holds something very special to my wife and I because we were engaged there, honeymooned there and seem to always find our way back to this small hideaway village.

You can see that the actual logo from the front page of the blog/site was lifted from this photograph of the sign above.   I loved this sign with the promise of ‘trips to paradise’ and the very fact you can go there for the working hours of the day.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I love looking after it, and there are different parts to it:




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