Recently a friend of mine told me about a great project seeking a Sound Designer, Musician or Composer to collaborate on a new piece of work with internationally renowned visual artist Roderick Buchanan, working in Dolby 5.1 with Savalas Studios (Glasgow).   Obviously when I heard about it I was really keen to get involved (even if it does seem high-flying and out of my league).   The first steps of the project was to download one the two small clips of video and add the soundtrack to create something that would hopefully be enjoyed by a panel at the other end.  I spent a few hours on the piece below and chose to use the sound of pens and harps to create the feeling of suspense I was after in the track.   The track itself doesn’t make real sense as the clip was really specific to the piece decided to write but because of copyright restrictions I can’t post the video here – I have added a description below for you though. .  . fingers crossed!

More details about the project here

‘Traffic’ on the other hand was working on a micro scale. I had an idea to make this video and set about producing the idea by the most efficient means. I designed a mechanism to hold and flip pens in front of the camera and shot the piece very quickly in an afternoon borrowing lights from GMAC and working with Holger Mohaupt to generate video, edit the elements together, and bang! Out into the world”. (Roderick Buchanan)