HELLO, How’s LIFE?….OK! (The story of Celebrity Magazines)

What is going on in the world?

There are people buying magazines about ‘celebrities’ to find out the latest news on what they are doing, who they are sleeping with/splitting up with and what they are wearing.    Why is there an obsession with knowing anything about this group of people who are (un)fortunate to be in the public eye?

In a shop last week I had a quick look at the newspaper stand where these magazines hang out to see that there are increasingly more and more of them each week.   We’ve changed words that once meant something like “Hello”, “Life”, “OK”, and “Heat” are now the titles of these magazines.

I need to mention that I cannot stand these magazines, in my opinion they seem to do nothing but damage the minds of the young people (mainly females) that read them.   A youngster can’t help but compare him/herself with these celebrities and think that its fine to wear your pyjamas to get the shopping in because ‘Paris does it’ – forgetting that its 70 degrees warmer where she is doing it.    Also while we’re on the subject what is going on with these young girls and fake tan / make up?  Its nuts and terrifying all at the same time!  You walk down the street and there are 16 year old females with their faces completely covered in dark brown paint, and to make matters worse they also cake their cheeks in bright pink make up – like halloween cakes!

So, back to the magazines.   I wish the whole celebrity ‘worship’ thing would make sense to me.   I really struggle to make sense out of why you’d spend your life trying to look, dress, act and be like someone else (who happens to be famous) YOU have YOUR own life, you have the freedom to look how you like, dress how you like, act how you like and be who you want to be.  BE YOURSELF.

This thing we call existence, who knows what it all means?

Time and Life and People are Just Glossy Magazines

(Louden Wainwright III – Last Man on Earth 2001)