Any Given Sunday

The NFL season is officially over for another year, this leaves me with a feeling of sadness but also holds open a new window of time to use wisely on something else.  For those  of you who don’t watch american football or any sport for that matter, the first thing to mention is that its a real drain on your personal time!  For example

If my local football team were playing (Glasgow Celtic) and I watched that game on a Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm, then watched the first NFL game at 6:00 pm, followed by the second at 9pm and then to put the icing on the cake watched the late game at 1:00 am, I would’ve watched approximately 12 hours of sport! Incredible!

Obviously this rarely happens due to a number of contributing factors, but the main point is that even If I watch 2 of the games – thats six hours of sport in one evening.

My hope from the end of this season is that I can now concentrate on my music, by this I mean writing and recording my own material again.   Since moving into our house I’ve setup my studio which I haven’t made best use of because  this room has become a drying room for clothing and a dumping ground for the materials of the many projects my wife and I are involved in throughout the year.

But anyway, the stand out parts of last season’s NFL extravaganza have to be based around the action by the San Diego Chargers, the sheer brilliance of the New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh early games, but more importantly.   The Arizona Cardinals Vs Green Bay Packers game was the best match-up I’ve ever seen in NFL history.  Simply Amazing!