The Age Of Stupidity

Having just read an article from the telegraph discussing the approaching dangers of climate change, consumerism and greed I felt the need to mention my thoughts in this post.

A few weeks ago I watched the documentary on the BBC iPlayer called “The Age of Stupid”  which you should really have a look online for and try to have a look at it. Personally It really moved me in a way I was not expecting and also made me think about the impact we as individuals have on the environment we live in.   So after then reading the article in the telegraph I was again inspired to write something about it.

“The world’s population is burning through the planet’s resources at such a reckless rate – about 28 per cent more last year”

In the State of the World report by Worldwatch – we can see that there is a huge problem in consumerism, it seems like the ultimate paradox where we have governments telling us to go out and spend money to raise the state of the economy and on the other hand we are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle.    If you have ever bought a new house and began to furnish it I’m sure you’ll be very aware of the amount of unnecessary packaging that surrounds every product you buy.  Its completely insane!   The report also encourages great ideas, toy libraries, libraries, energy saving light bulbs, growing your own fruit & vegetables and solar energy.

I have a huge amount of respect for those companies who have decided to take a positive approach in this, there are companies who release records on recycled materials, surfboard companies who use materials found in the sea to make new surfboards, clothing companies who reuse old materials to create new items. . the list goes on and on even to the extent that there are creative musicians who are recording albums using exclusively solar energy to power the studio equipment; Jack Johnson and Jonsi (Sigur Rös) to name a couple.

It seems that  even the current trend in films being produced around the world is steeped in themes of the apocalypse, end of the world, disasters and self inflicted terror.

I hope we can make an individual effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.   After all its our children’s children’s world, not ours!


4 Replies to “The Age Of Stupidity”

  1. Our planet is facing a huge problem of overloading, population. The resources are also reducing and the problem to survive is huge. We will definitely die, or I have to say that the world will definitely flourish if the appropriate action is not taken.

  2. Definitely, it is an age of stupidity, as man is using the natural resources for his benefits. So global warming is increasing day by day which affects whole environment and that in turn affects the life of huan beings.

  3. I think we can reduce, reuse and recycle. It makes a lot of sense for this world. Remember a single drop of water makes a huge ocean and likewise a single person can make some good decisions to reuse and recycle.

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