Decade ends / Decadence

As this decade ends, It seems like a good time to look at things I’ve accomplished in the last 10 years and look forward to the things I’d like to get round to as the new decade begins.

This list is in no particular order, its really listed as they come to me.

  • I got married,
  • I bought a house,
  • I got a new job,
  • I met some great new friends,
  • Now use Mac OSX,
  • Bought a new (Squier) Fender Telecaster Custom II,
  • Learned how to solder,
  • Learned how to converse in Spanish,
  • Decided that my favorite coffee is either Danesi or Tim Hortons,
  • Learned how to surf,
  • Built decking in our garden,
  • Had some life changing faith experiences,
  • Gained my degree in Commercial Music & HND Music & Audio Tech,
  • Passed the Apple Logic Pro certification,
  • Worked in Youth Music Ministry,
  • Climbed Ben Lomond,
  • Travelled to Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, USA, Ireland, Croatia, Greece.
  • Went to loads of gigs, stand out gigs: The Blue Nile, James Taylor, Rufus and Louden Wainwright, J.Tillman, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Coldplay, Jay Z, James Brown, Eminem, Cypress Hill, Buena Vista Social Club, Twilight Sad, Mogwai, Foo Fighters and many more,
  • Spent 2 periods of lent living in a tent,
  • Discovered I love sushi and brussel sprouts and even cauliflower,
  • Met Juan Dimarcos Gonzales and was completely star struck,
  • Did white water rafting in Aviemore,
  • Worked in a book shop,
  • Developed a taste for some lovely wines, beers and spirits, stand outs; Balvennie 12 yr old, Glengoyne 17 yr old, Rioja, Tsantali greek red, and of course Amstel, Corona, Brahma, Konig Ludwig, Fosters and Guinness,
  • Became a Godfather to little Ethan Grant Lang & Lily Isabella Ferguson
  • Found my design skills and began using them,
  • Found my voice and songwriting skills and also began using them,
  • Started and stopped going to boxing training, then started and stopped again,
  • Lost 2 of my grand parents Hugh Beattie & Hugh Gillan,
  • Seen Celtic reach the European Cup final,
  • Began enjoying NFL,
  • Owned an ipod,

There are many more things but I have no more time to spend on this list, I think I’ve covered the main ones.