Just finished watching the fantastic series “The Wire” and can honestly say that it was one of  the best TV series i’ve seen of late.   The setting of East / West Baltimore was perfect and the characters in the show allowed a unique raw insight into drugs trafficking, drug habits, gang violence, political corruption, school systems, and problems within local newspapers.

If you haven’t seen it – you should probably go out and get a hold of it and watch it.

Among the characters some of the best I feel I would need to include:

Omar Little – Expertise in robbing drug dealers.

Stringer Bell – Drug dealer come businessman.

Avon Barksdale – Drug dealer & gangster.

The Bunk (Moreland) – Homicide detective for Baltimore Police.

Jimmy McNulty – Detective for Baltimore Police, constant consumption of Jamiesons Irish Whisky.

Lester Freeman – Detective who has expertise in wire tapping and other electronic devices.

One of my favourite moments (and there are many) is included below in this great video clip of Mr Clay Davis.