You have mail. . .

Since the introduction of so called ‘smart phones’ we have become a world of people who have constant access to email and information everywhere we go in this busy world.   Its seems at times as though we are terrified to miss something that could be important.

I’ve been meaning to write something about this for some time now, and it feels like the time to do it.   I use public transport to commute to & from work and the recurring vision I have is of fellow passengers ‘playing’ with their mobile phones (myself included).    Why can’t we just enjoy the journey home?   Do we need to check our twitter application or update our facebook status to read; On train, heading home? As if anyone cares.

I had a conversation with two separate people last week which I’d like to reference here:

Conversation 1

Me: I played a great gig on Friday night, it all went really well.

Person 1: Oh yes, you were saying.   Sorry I mean I think I read it somewhere, yes it was on your facebook or twitter or something like that wasn’t it?

Me: Yes I posted something on my twitter (that now updates my facebook at the same time).

Person 1: Its weird, it feels like we’ve spoken about this already.   Even though I haven’t seen you.  You forget because you see the pic and read the updates.

I also spoke to a woman who was concerned about her oldest son because he spends so much time online and actually waits at the computer for his friends to update their facebook and myspace pages.   He then gets upset when no one gets back in touch and fails to respond to his messages.   Its crazy I know!

I am completely guilty of all the charges I mention above and so don’t pretend to know all the answers or to even say that this is a negative thing, having just installed the new Spotify application on my nokia 5800 mobile device its actually more likely that I’ll spend even more time ‘playing’ with my mobile on the train.  I simply think its important to mention it and to be aware of the time we spend tweeting, updating and compare it to the time we spend actually conversing with our friends and family.   I think what i’m trying to say is that social media is NOT a substitute.