I haven’t really been doing much writing lately on my blog.   This is due to a combination of things that have been taking priority over my free time.  One of the main ‘distractions’ has been that Scotland has been having great waves on both the east and west coasts – which I feel I ought to enjoy whilst we have them to surf on, the water may be freezing but at least its moving enough for me to get my board on top of.

Leading on to the point of this post.   I’m promising myself to write more songs over the coming winter months, I set up a studio at home when we first got married and moved in, and to be honest I haven’t really made the use of it that I though / should have.    So I’ve been great recently and have began rediscovering old songs and beginning completely new ones at the same time.

Something I’ve normally been opposed to was reading books about songwriting because I think its something you either can do or can’t.   However after a great chat with fellow surfer and songwriter Findlay Napier he suggested a few books he has used in the past.   Having great respect for Findlay’s lyrics and songwriting I thought I owed myself the chance to read these books, so they’re ordered!

Another reason for my new burst of songwriting is that I’ve been asked to play a gig in November and was hoping to add some new tracks to my usual set.   The gig is on November 20th and details can be found here .