September Swells

Machrihanish in  September.  It was truly amazing.  The water wasn’t too cold and I caught some of the best waves I’ve ever managed to catch.

Picture 1

We left around 10am after trying in despair to attach the surfboards to the roof rack of Alan’s rover, in the end we managed it with some rope and headed off with our german passenger Elena.   Stopping only briefly in Lochgilphead for a break we managed the trip in just over two hours to Machrihanish.

We took a look at the swell at West Beach and had a walk along the beach front, it was windy and freezing, but I was sure it’d be warmer in the foamy Irish Sea, which proved to be true.

Deciding on travelling further into Machrihanish Bay.  We left Elena to have a wander and we headed off to get suited up and ready to hit the water.   Being able to drive onto the beach was great as it meant there was no long walk to and from the water for breaks and shelter.

A huge thank you to Alan who possibly gave me the best advice for making my wave riding easier – “take a wide stance & push your front foot down” – within minutes of trying it I was catching every wave and riding it home to the shore with some nice turns along the way.  Amazing Fun.