Show them the ropes


Boxing.  Love it or hate it, it truly is the best way for you to take yourself and your fitness to a new level.   You could say I’ve been lazy since getting married last year, but between organising the wedding itself and practically re-planning, designing and decorating our new house and garden I’ve actually not had a minute to think about my own personal fitness level.

Now I have and I’ve decided to go back to my old boxing gym; a beautifully sweaty place which holds so many nostalgic moments for me and some of my closest friends.   There is nothing that compares to the smell, sights and sounds of an old-skool amateur boxing gym.

The smells I mention are of the mixture of leather from the gloves combined with a pinch of sweaty 14 stone grown men, the dampness from ram-shackled building with the heating on full pelt in the winter and good old fashioned hard work.

The sights are the Lonsdale and Everlast clothing and equipment, the youngsters in the ring sparring with each other as they walk the ring like lions, people leaning on punchbags just to remain standing on their feet and finally the trainer who commands the respect of the entire workforce of the gym.

The sounds are often my favourite thing about a boxing gym; from the chains on the punchbag rattling, to the punches hitting all round the gym, the skipping ropes, the weights, shouting and bells ringing every three minutes, not to mention the loud techno music just to keep our hearts from stopping.

So thats me just one week back into the gym and I’m feeling completely shattered and in physical agony but at least I have these moments to keep me going back.


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