Lights will guide you home

Had a night out at the Coldplay concert last night in Hampden park, Glasgow.   It turned out to be a great gig full of amazing moments.   Supported by White Lies and the Wonderful Jay Z.   The stand out moments were when the band burst into “Yellow” with around 100 huge yellow bouncing balloons cascading over the 40’000 strong scottish audience as they burst to reveal feathers.

After this the band pulled out all the stops with the pyrotechnics as they pulled the heart strings with “Fix You”, you could actually feel the emotion around the stadium as Chris Martin poured out the lyrics “Tears stream down your face, when you lose someone you can’t replace”.     Lastly the band decided to appear in the middle of the crowd on a small busker-type stage as they played a cover of the late Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” on acoustic guitar.

All in all a fantastic evening and it was good to see that Chris Martin actually seems like a really polite, grounded guy and I’m sure this band will be around for many more trips to Scotland.   (See pic below)

The Aftermath
The Aftermath