NFL Season Approaching

We are currently midway through the pre-season of the NFL.  Its been a long wait through the spring/summer break and I’m really looking forward to my Sunday nights being a night where I come home from Mass, have dinner and then sit in front of the television / laptop enjoying some cold beer & popcorn.

978My prediction for the Superbowl as always is the San Diego Chargers who happen to be the team I love and support.   I enjoy watching all the games that I can get to see but especially enjoy watching the explosive style of the Chargers.   Having a roster of quality players like Darren Sproles, LaDanian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers and Chris Chambers makes great viewing.

Last season we started really poorly losing lots of silly games in the dying moments due to penalties and field goal misses.   This year I hope this will be different.

American football is a sport I have only recently been keen on to be completely fair, I always thought it was really slow and full of stopping and starting.   Its only when you spend some time looking and the rules, players, and enjoying the sheer size of the Superbowl do you enjoy and understand the sport.