Endemol please End them all!

I’ve just returned from my lunch and full of delight to see that the Channel 4 “reality” television series Big Brother has been finally axed.

I need to admit that I watched the first series and actually thought it was ok, however it seemed that it began a more sinister twist and you could just tell by the shape of the rooms, colour of the furnishings, the characters that were chosen to be in the house and lastly the amount of alcohol allowed to each contestant.    It seemed as though they were putting these guinea pigs in a transparent cage for all the world to watch as they eat dinner on their laps and laugh and mock.

I had a real problem with this.   Here are my reasons;

  1. I’m morally opposed to this type of treatment, its ridicule at the highest level.  Its a common view that because they choose to be in the house that its fair game, I don’t agree, I think the opportunity in itself is wrong and people should know better than to get sucked into a house that will bring short term fame and long term damage.
  2. As previously mentioned its a platform for short term fame – which I feel brings horrific consequences, for example if you take the time to look into the past contestants from big brother you’ll be left feeling flattened by the amount of madness that surrounds them as they leave the house; attempted suicide, eating disorders, relationship breakups, family problems, the list goes on…and on…
  3. It actually got very boring, the tasks were nothing of not pointless and humiliating, the housemates were obviously cherry picked to be opposed to each other in some way, e.g. anti-gay vs homosexual, racist vs ethnic minority, political views and religious views were completely exploited in every way possible.

There are many more reasons, but I feel i’ve made my point.   It mentions at the end of the press release I read that another network may take over the big brother show, possibly channel I hope not, rant over!