White, Blue & Yellow

I’m fully aware that the travel writing section is a separate part of this blog, however i wanted to share some nice photographs of the Greek Island of Kos (particularly the peaceful town of Kefalos).   I have this weird fascination of pictures of doorways and windows, personally I think it stemmed from either Dublin, Havana or Milan – all have very obvious obsessions with their own doorways.

We have just returned from a 2 week trip to this Island (for the 4th time) and haven’t got tired with it, Kefalos seems to have everything – except waves for surfing that is.   We ate well, sat in the glorious sunshine and bathed in the open sea most mornings as the sun began to heat up.  paradise.  Until next year.

Also big shout to our family and friends who took it upon themselves while we were away to

  • Sort out our curtains
  • Stock up our fridge
  • Clean our path and look after the garden
  • Cut the lawn
  • Clean the house