At last. .check the deck

After a weekend of tireless working on the decking project in the back garden, its finally over.   It went something like this:

Friday 1730hrs – Picked up decking boards from the timber shop with the help of my dad and his ever reliable and invaluable Citreon hatchback with roofbars.

Friday 1830hrs – 2 quick slices of pizza and 1 can of Galahad lager and headed out to begin the drilling and cutting of the boards to add to the 2nd half of the decking frame.

Friday 2000hrs – The drill has just fell asleep for the first time, had to cut the shift short and charge the drill.  Decided to go indoors and enjoy the Glastonbury highlights and have some cold beers.

Saturday 0830 – Began early this morning with the fully charged drill with good intentions of finishing the job before lunchtime – not to be.   The drill decided to stop again, back on charge and I started cutting the hedges etc. . A brief trip to B&Q to get some more decking screws (another problem i had), lawn weed & feed and ant spray.

Saturday 1730hrs – Everything is pretty much done – had a little help from George who helped the finishing touches of getting the edges straight.    I then put the edges on the deck and called it a night.  Stayed in and watched more Glastonbury whilst sneezing (hay fever = nightmare!).

Sunday 1230hrs – Took a trip to get some decking treatment and brushes.  I spent the afternoon painting this anti-slip treatment on the decking – It should also protect it against the Scottish rain.

Sunday 1930hrs – All done. Mass. Fish n chips. Result!


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