Think_Globally, Act_Locally.

On my trip down south to Sheffield, I had to somehow pass 7hrs travelling through the British countryside – I chose to watch some surf movies i had still to catch up on; turned out I was watching these as I rumbled by the beach I mainly surf at on the east coast of Scotland. I couldn’t help but notice the link between surfing and faith.

It was clear to me that somehow surfing and believing in something greater and more powerful than ourselves is linked. Thinking about this I had a few possible explanations that would maybe allow me to make sense of it.

1. Having been slammed to the ocean floor more than once – it is clear that the power of the waves and water can leave us entirely powerless, thus asking us of to put complete trust in something greater than ourselves that will make the water move in a way it always does.

2. Sitting on a board in the middle of a completely empty ocean or beach can leave you entirely breathless – Upon losing one of my grandparents – I visited the surf to give me some place to grieve and to be completely alone – by myself in the ocean waiting for that next wave, I knew I wasn’t completely alone.

3. Surfing requires dedication, as does faith. As I like to say practice makes perfect. This is both true in the practice of faith and in any sport let alone surfing. Somehow the whole idea of entering the ocean on a board and attempting to keep balance to feel like you’re floating on water (or walking on water) is extremely compelling and addictive.


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