How was your weekend?

Ever been asked that question and you search and search for the answer knowing fine and well you did loads of exciting stuff but yet can’t remember a single thing you did?

This weekend I went to buy the timber I needed to begin my decking project – I failed because there was no driver in the yard I was buying it from so it will need to be delivered through the week.   It was an awkward time because I had taken my dad with me as I chose the timber I would need and it turned out to be in an impossible part of the building yard and the poor employee had to really work to get it all out for me, only to then hear me say, “Can you now deliver?” I head his heart sink.  

I then decided tear apart the inside of our garage and re-order it all into some tidy order to make best use of the space and to also get rid of the things that are always cluttering up both the garage and our lives.   This was a liberating feeling and now gives us a good space to store all that garden furniture and decking equipment I’m sure to need in the coming weeks.  

For dinner I began my next task which was to make my first successful green Thai curry (which worked out great using the fresh coriander from my garden).   My wife and I enjoyed this fusion of Asian flavours as we spoke about the possibility of buying a new car, we have decided to buy a 5 door car, a Renault Clio.

Later that evening we visited family for a 40th birthday party – It was a long night and we home in the light hours of the morning.   

Sunday we awoke and made plans to go shopping at the farmers market around Loch Lomond, this was a real treat and we picked up some nice olives, salar smoked salmon, plants, nettle shampoo and some creamy whisky cheese from the Isle of Arran.   I couldn’t help thinking how good it would be to shop this way all the time, you know, buying directly from the source and bartering for a better deal on soap, cheese and meats.  It felt like we were in a time machine zapped back into ye olde marketplace.  

We finished the weekend off at Mass, celebrated by the new youth chaplain to our old school.  He seemed really positive and looks forward to the various challenges ahead.