The Great Outdoors

Amidst a sad loss to the other Glasgow football team,Saturday afternoon was spent enjoying cold beer in a local pub with some friends, then out to a gig in the west end called “Genre is a Dirty Word” featuring some great acts such as Conor Mason, Satellite Dub, The Recovery Club, Engine 7 and Cinephile.   It was a super night with interesting music.  Spent Sunday in the garden re planting a huge rose bush and removing an old wooden gate from the side of the garage.  

Libertia-Taupo-Blaze2Being in the mood for enjoying the summer sun I decided to fork and compost the soil we have prepared for the new area of the garden to house the flowers and plants we chose last weekend (when the weather was bleak).  A tough task but a worthwhile one.

So all that awaits is for the plants and flowers to be placed into the patch around the new white chuckies that will be the path leading right into the vegetable / herb area.

Finished off the weekend watching Cold Mountain and eating Haggen Dazs with my beautiful wife.